17 November 2007

Blunt Commentary From 'The Dissident Frogman'

A very thoughtful blog writer who calls himself The Dissident Frogman, is going to start an open thread on Fridays regarding firearms issues. Take a look. BTW, he's really into rifles.

I like his take on the difference between the so-called violent American culture that encourages independence and self-reliance, and other misunderstood, dogmatic cultures with whom some say we need to start a dialogue. He writes, "Well, your mileage may vary, but as far as I'm concerned, I'd rather be shot by a free man than stoned to death by a bunch of slaves."

The Dissident Frogman, which I have been visiting for several months now, is a fantastic political read regarding world events. The writer notes that he is "French by birth, Pro-American by nature." His posts frequently appear in English and French. On more than one occasion when his countrymen did or said something on the world stage that was rather anti-American, he has lambasted those responsible. Worth checking out from time to time.

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