17 November 2007

WSJ: Wave of Home Invasions Puts Wealthy On Alert

Doh! The wave of home invasions should have EVERYONE on alert. The wealthy are not a special class in this situation, any more than when liberals want to soak them for more tax money.

"Security experts emphasize that preventive steps can be taken without resorting to extreme measures, such as obtaining firearms without proper licensing and training. Such actions can raise legal problems for people wanting to protect their homes and families . . ."

PROPER LICENSING and training? Most areas of the nation rightly require no licensing. I would advise training, however. And I definitely concur there can be legal issues. Which is why very state, including Ohio, should pass "No Duty To Retreat/Castle Doctrine" legislation immediately. This legislation is designed to relieve crime victims of the potential for a lawsuit if they use a firearm to defend their lives against someone who has NO BUSINESS in their home.

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