16 November 2007

Halbrook Writes On 'Second-Class Citizenship' In The District of Columbia

In 1995, noted firearms rights attorney Stephen Halbrook wrote a lengthy analysis of the situation in our nation's capital, entitled "Second-Class Citizenship and the Second Amendment in the District of Columbia." This document is 12 years old, but has not lost its relevance. If you have not seen it before, take a moment for review and you will have a far better sense of why the Parker/Heller case (which may yet come before the U.S. Supreme Court this year) is so very important.

Author's Note: Steve Halbrook is the attorney of record for Ohio's Peoples Rights Organization, which prevailed twice in federal court to overturn gun control laws in Columbus, Ohio. I am an officer of that organization, and Halbrook has been instrumental in helping PRO on a number of legal issues over the years. Additionally, he has represented the NRA in a number of regional and national cases, and is probably the nation's pre-eminent courtroom attorney regarding 2A issues.

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