17 November 2007

As Their Ideas Are Continually Refuted, Are Antis Becoming Depressed?

"Is It Depressing to Be A Gun Hater?" Interesting question. Two things come to mind . . . I have more fun with people when they say they "hate" a certain politician, or "hate" guns. I usually reply, "Hate is a sickness; you really need to get some help." The second is my observation that gun haters tend to be insular, irrationally fearful of people with different ideas (I have had gun control advocates refuse to get on an elevator with me in government buildings (usually immediately prior to, or after testimony on a piece of proposed legislation).

With that said, here is a piece that examines whether being a "gun hater" actually is depressing. Humorous and frustrating at the same time. The writer is "Porcupine Nine," nom de plume for the owner of the Gun Control Means Using Both Hands blog.

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