18 November 2007

New Wii Crossbow Trainer

Once again, kids never need leave their home to experience the outdoors. All these new software tools and games help them simply simulate the experience of outdoor pursuits (who needs to get dirty or break a sweat or get some sun). When the Wii first came out I laughed and shook my head. Now, kids no longer need to go out and play, receiving the benefit of some tremendous exercise. It wasn't like the early games where they played Donkey Kong or a fantasy game like Link, instead of outdoor play. They now can pretend to play outdoor sports. Such as pretending to skateboard. It continues to get worse -- now the Wii helps kids pretend to take a walk in the woods and pretend to learn to use a crossbow. The product starts shipping on November 20.

NOTE: What are the chances there will never be a Wii shooting gallery. I'd guess not. Too politically incorrect! Along the same lines as the Wii story, I read recently in Camping Life magazine that there is a new computer game where the player pretends to go camping (find a site, set up camp, cook dinner, play campfire games, tell stories, etc.). All without ever going out and doing the real thing! Why bother? And for those whiners who will complain that some people don't have the same opportunities as others to actually get out and do it, I understand that. But I would suggest that the game players stick with Halo or whatever else gets them off. Because simulated camping is nothing like going out and camping for real. The hard work, the joy of achievement when camp is set up and dinner is cooking. The feel of the outdoors, looking at the stars, the smell of a wood fire, the night sounds. The Wii can never provide the experience of holding a crossbow, just as camping "games" will never replicate the experience of spending time in the woods, or in a meadow in front of a night fire. Rant over.

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