18 November 2007

Stalking 101

Ryan Lee Bergner learned the hard way that if you are a stalker, it's not always a good idea to open the closet door where your victim is hiding as she frantically calls 9-1-1. Its doubly worse to start choking her.


Anonymous said...

im sorry but i dont find that a very funny punch line.....i hope one day your family member gets murdered and we have it on tape to spread acrosss the WHOLLEE WIDEE INTERNET :). infact i pray that

Brent Greer said...

You are a very sick person. It doesn't take a doctor to see you are filled with hate, and hate is a sickness -- a disease. You should get help immediately. If you are indeed praying for such, your God probably has some words for you when you get where you are going. But then it likely will be pretty hot where you are going with you attitude. Thanks for writing.