20 November 2009

For Mayor Daley Its Always About The Blame Game

Rampant crime in the Windy City?

-- Its the guns, Mayor Daley complains. (He forgets that "people" -- scumbags -- hold these guns, but he neglects to hold criminals responsible).

No Olympics to Chicago?

-- A kneejerk reaction (Never mind that crime is rampant in Chicago and the world looks at "The Chicago Way" with amusement).

Lawsuits filed to overturn unconstitutional laws banning firearms in Chicago public housing projects?

-- So much interference by outsiders. (even though the suits have been filed on behalf of Chicago residents, living in fear because of unprecedented violent crime, who are prohibited from defending themselves).

And now, perhaps his most bizarre "pass the buck, blame someone else" moment . . . his reaction to news that after a hugely successful 25 year run, Oprah Winfrey is leaving her television show to do other projects.

The good mayor's reaction? "It's the fault of the media."

Yeah right. I won't say that he is the reason Oprah is leaving. I think she's tired. And has deserved whatever break or change she wants to make after a very long series. She is launching a cable TV channel and has many other enterprises to oversee. But the mayor, true to form, has got to play the blame game.

Mayor, be glad this one isn't your fault. But you can't run away from the firearms issue and how your antiquated policy of keeping law abiding taxpayers defenseless in the face of horrific crime is getting people killed. That's on you and you alone.

Good luck Oprah. I may not have agreed with all your positions on issues, but I respect what you've done on TV. Mayor Daley . . . quit finding scapegoats. Do something.

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