02 March 2010

On The Subject Of 'Fear-Mongering'

Recently I have heard radio news reports regarding the Chicago case that was argued before the Supreme Court today, CCW in U.S. national parks, and the latest stats regarding the huge jump in CCW licensure among Ohioans in 2009.

This latter story drew the ire of Toby Hoover, head of the so-called Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence. She claimed that more Ohioans got their concealed handgun licenses because of "fear-mongering." Unable to sleep, I found myself hearing this news story repeated every hour on the radio last week during the middle of the night. Over and over I heard that self defense advocates are fear mongers led by the National Rifle Association.

Hmmm . . .

Well that drew my ire. First, there are plenty of areas where the You see, Ms. Hoover is an expert at fear-mongering. She and individuals claiming to be affiliated with her organization have come before various committees of the Ohio General Assembly on numerous, numerous occasions over the past decade, each time warning that there would be dire consequences if gun regs were loosened.

Antiquated prohibitions have been lifted, the original CCW law (a horrible bill that never should have been made into law in the first place) has been greatly improved, and the Buckeye State is safer because the bad guys, as I say so frequently, don't know whether granny is armed.

And there has been no blood on the grass in Cleveland Stadium (well, actually it has been torn down, but its replacement also has seen no such carnage); blood is not running down park benches, shootouts in our streets are not commonplace, by any stretch of the imagination; etc., etc., etc.

So who is -- or should I say, continues to be -- the fear monger?

To Ms. Hoover and her supporters, I sympathize with your personal stories, in particular that of Ms. Hoover. Ma'am, I understand YOUR reluctance to want to possess or carry a firearm. But you have no right to deprive me of the basic human right of self defense because of what you choose not to do. You leave me alone, I'll leave you alone.;

But as long as you and the Bradys and the folks at Violence Policy Center, and the fringe group out at Legal Community Against Violence continue to work to infringe on my rights and the rights of every Ohioan, I will continue to point out through your own words and deeds who the real fear mongers are.

Here's a hint . . . they are the ones who go through life living in fear, want the government to step in and protect them no matter how intrusive it might be, and they don't care whose rights they infringe upon, as long as they get their way.

Sounds like bullying to me. If these were school kids, they would be suspended for their actions.

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