27 April 2010

So How's That Gun Control Workin' For Ya Chicago???

With apologies to many other bloggers who have asked the same question. But, sufficed to say, there is NO better question.

At issue? Chicago political leaders are suggesting that the National Guard be brought into the Windy City to help quell the out-of-control violent crime there. "There" being a city with some of the strictest gun control laws in the United States. Laws that Mayor Daley and others would like to see exported to other cities.


As the Jammie Wearing Fool says, apparently as the organizer-in-chief has left Chicago for DC, apparently things are more disorganized there than unusual.

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Huey said...

Bringing in the National Guard for this type of work is wrong in so many ways...

Most guard troops are not trained for civilian law enforcement or intel gathering

Many have already had enough time away from their jobs and family with overseas deployments to have to do it again for this

Who pays for it, I doubt Illinois is expecting to pay for it and the fed will have to pick up the bill, which causes conflicts in the Posse Comitatus act if they are employed as federal troops, unless another exception is made a la Katrina

the community organizer had it right on one account, the police need to be used to remedy the situation first..

just my couple of pennies..