19 October 2010

Medical Journals Continue To Mimic Medieval Barber Logic

Or at least the editors of the leading medical journals continue to show off their irrational phobias about inanimate objects.

The latest, an article in the New England Journal of Medicine, makes about as strong a case as the idea that if someone is washing their dog, and a shooting across the street occurs, the dog should never be washed again. Because, of course following that twisted logic, that every time the dog is washed someone will get shot.

Anyway, the article posits that background checks should be extended to private party sales of firearms because it will reduce shootings. Only, they provide no evidence to support their already weak argument.

Hmmm...and these people call themselves physicians? One step away from being scientists? You know, medieval barbers bled people to cure sickness because it would rid the patient of evil humours. The argument in the latest journal argument holds just about as much water as the argument for leeches in the 16th century.

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