24 November 2010

Obama Nominates Gun Grabber To Lead BATF

Not suprisingly, after months of criticism by the Brady Campaign because he has not yet nominated someone to head the U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (BATFE), President Obama has delivered the antis what they want.

A gun grabber.

Obama nominated fellow Chicagoan Andrew Traver -- an avid anti-gun advocate -- to head the federal agency.

The Brady Campaign has been whining for some time now that without someone to head this increasingly politicized agency, that violence will increase. Never mind the fact that for two years the agency hasn't had a political appointee at its head and violence continues to decrease across the U.S.

SSSShhhhhhh.....don't tell anyone that it could be because more and more regular folks are carrying firearms for their protection. Which makes Joe Thug a little wary of mugging granny at the ATM.

Anyway, Traver has a long history of anti-gun advocacy. Among his positions -- he is against private ownership of competition rifles (SBRs that cause PSH among the unenlightened). He is head of the BATFE Chicago field office. You know, a city with some of the most draconian gun laws in the nation. Where, um, sorry Mayor Daley and Mr. Traver -- so-called "gun violence" is out of control. Largely because of the aforementioned gun restrictions. And here's the rub with this nomination. The federal agency is not supposed to be pro-gun, or anti-gun. It is supposed to investigate alcohol, tobacco and explosives crime, and be a firearms dealer regulatory group. The agency already has become politicized, starting with the Clinton-Reno administration. But with him at the helm, we may reach new heights of hypocrisy.

Mr. Traver still has to make it through the confirmation process in the United States Senate. Though, there is some talk that the president, facing an uphill battle, may make a recess appointment and put him in place without a Senate vote. Might be a rocky road to the top. And you can bet that pro-gun senators -- both republicans AND democrats -- are going to go through his background like a TSA agent rifles around an elderly woman's privates. He has close ties to the anti-gun Joyce Foundation, and has been complimentary of the work of the virulently anti-gun Legal Community Against Violence, a California think tank that has been exporting gun grabbing legal strategies across the nation.

No wait, thats not right. That is insulting to those senators. Lets just say his "activities" will be subject to blazing, intense scrutiny. Like walking into one of those controversial full body scanners.....

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