14 October 2008

Attorneys Say 'Heller' Has Created Whole New World

As expected, while the Heller ruling generally was a good event for firearms owners and supporters of constitutional rights overall, everyone in the know was sure that a positive ruling for gun owners in the District of Columbia would open up a whole new legal can of worms.

With suits filed within days in Chicago and San Francisco following the Heller ruling blasting DC's antiquated ban on handguns, pro-self-defense attorneys have their sights set on other targets as well. And to be sure, there will be counter suits filed by municipalities arguing that the Supreme Court did not say something in its 5-4 ruling.

As counsel and hunting buddy Dave Buda might say, "the Heller ruling may as well have been called the 'lawyer's full employment act of 2008.' "

The "incorporation" argument is going to play a huge role in this debate. Look it up, learn it. I will have a post later talking about incorporation in detail to explain exactly what it means.

In the meantime, read this very well crafted article in the ABA Journal.

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