08 October 2008

Do We Laugh Or Do We Cry?

Newsweek magazine has a photo of VP candidate Sarah Palin on the cover. A blogger for the Los Angeles Times wonders how the magazine convinced the Alaska governor to pose with her rifle.

Ummm . . . rifle? What rifle? I guess the LA Times blogger means that "gauge gun" kind of rifle. Sheesh . . . I am still shaking my head in disbelief.

Read it and pass it on.

Okay, I have to say this -- the MSM is is marching in lockstep suggesting Gov. Palin isn't very smart because she's a regular person, and they don't like how she "performed" in a couple of interviews They have absolutely no idea how clueless they are on matters of importance to mainstream America, do they?


Anonymous said...

Palin is dumb because she's dumb, not because MSM is spinning her words. The campaign keeps her tightly under wraps because they know she's dumb (3 interviews in the same time frame as 80+ for Biden?). The MSM shows unedited clips of her BEING DUMB. Not being able to answer what newspapers or magazines she reads? Her unrehearsed sentences ramble incoherently, and do not mean anything. That's just genuine dumbness, it's not being spun by the evil media. Being the most charitable we can be, she's not dumb but for some reason can't handle Katie Couric - we're supposed to believe she's ready to take on the task of being president??

She's not a bad person, but I personally don't want "Joe Six-Pack" running the country. Since when does a family values candidate run using a nickname for an alcohol abuser!!??

I find that offensive, and I'm socially liberal!

McCain 2000, but since that ship sailed - Obama 2008!

Brent Greer said...

She's dumb. That's the best you can do? Because she's dumb? What's her IQ? I don't know...do you?

I've never called Sen. Obama dumb. I've said he's out of touch. And since when is "Joe 6-pack" a code for an alcohol abuser? I thought it meant the working stiff down the road who after a long day hits a few....

I don't know that I want her running the country either, just yet. But she understands regular folks in a way that Sen. Obama and Sen. Biden AND Sen. McCain do not. They are so removed from the mainstream it isn't funny.

Frankly, I think they have kept her under wraps because she disagrees with a lot of Sen. McCain's positions, just as I do.

But then maybe I'm dumb, too.