17 October 2008

What Does The Well-Heeled Anti-Gunner Wear On The Red Carpet?

You have got to read it to believe it.

Of course, what is hypocritical is that for a few years, Madonna was quite the "gunner." Her now nearly dissolved marriage to estranged hubby Guy Ritchie (they have announced they are divorcing) was highlighted in the early years with stories of their exploits as wingshooters.

Turns out, Mr. Madonna . . . er, I mean Mr. Ritchie . . . introduced The Material Girl to shotguns several years ago and she was quite proficient hunting upland game birds in England.

But no longer . . .

BTW, there was no "orange tip" as required by law on these "guns." David Codrea suggests there is little chance BATFE will come after her (like they would you or me).


Susan said...

Let's hope they don't come after you, Brent. I just can't see you running in a pair of shoes like that!

Brent Greer said...


Wrong color for me...I prefer something in an ox-blood shade! Slightly lower heel too. More like a snubnose. Heh.

Thanks for writing!