29 October 2008

Delaware Woman Denied Gun Purchase Because She Is A Woman

Updated: Thursday, Oct. 30, 2008, 6:27 AM -- The outrage in Delaware continues to grow over a state police decision to illegally prevented an elderly woman from purchasing a firearm for self protection.

And old . . .

"Delaware State Police stopped Alvina Vansickle from purchasing a .22-caliber pistol for self-defense because she was too old and a woman, said Superintendent Col. Thomas MacLeish."
Okay, first . . . can you believe a police agency would admit to such? But it gets worse:
"The outrage that followed led to the revelation that Delaware State Police had been keeping lists of gun buyers for years; state law requires them to destroy these records after 60 days."

Without so much as a traffic ticket, the 81-year-old Lewes resident should have sailed through the mandatory state police background check when she tried to buy a Taurus revolver from Charlie Steele's Lewes gun shop last August.

Read the full story. This is not the stuff of black helicopters. It is what has been warned about for years. One state's willful and deliberate violation of the law out in the open.

So here's a question to ponder: What is the likelihood anyone be charged with a crime in all this?

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