02 October 2008

Live-Blogging the VP Debate

In this corner, weighing in at 90-pounds soaking wet with a rock in her pocket, the diminutive pro-gun Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin, moose hunter extraordinaire.

In the oppsite corner, one of the lions of the Senate, he of the perfect hair from the little state of Delaware, anti-gun Sen. Joe Biden.

The prize: the vice presidency of the United States.

Several writers are live-blogging the debate. Here are a few worth tuning into (its going on now, BTW):

- Steve Green is drunk-blogging the Palin-Biden clash
- Ann Althouse has her up to the second take on the debate
- TigerHawk is liveblogging from Madrid, where it is the middle of the night
- TalkLeft is on the scene as well, giving up the second impressions
- Jules Crittenden has the Car Crash Liveblog, as well
- Hit & Run has live blog updates as the debate enters its second hour

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