11 October 2008

Finally, Some Real Scandals In the Race For U.S. President

Lots of innuendo, suggestions of one candidate being "erratic" while the other is accused of having been buddies with a "domestic terrorist."

This week, two potentially explosive scandals hit the news . . . real issues that might have an impact on the Obama vs. McCain presidential race.

1) Convicted fundraiser, real estate developer and well-connected Chicago type Tony Rezko is being pressed about corruption in Illinois. Of course, what the rest of the nation considers corruption, is referred to in the Land of Lincoln as "The Chicago Way. Could this have an impact on Sen. Barack Obama's campaign?

2) A report is out stating that Gov. Sarah Palin abused her power regarding the firing of a state trooper. Could this have an impact on Sen. John McCain's campaign?

Developing . . .

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I'm not overly bothered by Palin's conduct that was being investigated, but one has to question the character of someone who, when questioned about the report which unequivocally says she violated Alaska's ethics statute, says that she's glad the report clears her of all unethical or illegal conduct.

Liar, liar, pants on fire! Sadly, we've come to expect spin and truth-stretching from those in or running for office, but this is absurd! Blatant, smile-and-a-wink bald-faced lie!

I know, somehow it's MSM's fault... Now there's some liberal crackpot that's alleging that some Wasilla sports arena contractor may have built Palin's house for free. He's not credible (at this point) but he's at least as credible as Martin, the anti-semetic nut that shill Hannity had on his show...

I really want McCain to do better. If he keeps up the direction of his pathetic campaign, we are in trouble. I favor Obama over McCain/Palin, but even I'm not crazy enough to root for a huge democratic majority in both houses, with some predicting a filibuster-proof SIXTY in the Senate. Scary!

C'mon, Mac, go out with a shred of dignity!

Best to you, Brent.

A., Esq.