22 October 2008

Open Carry Problems In Cleveland

The police chief in Cleveland, under orders from Mayor Frank Jackson, continues to disobey state law.
Open carry is legal in Ohio under two points:

1) The Ohio Supreme Court stated it was legal is an opinion nearly five years ago, and

2) All gun laws in the Buckeye State are made by the state legislature only. And there is no prohibition on open carry.

Details here.


Mike Stollenwerk said...

And this is why people should open carry in Ohio and esepcially Cleveland as much as possible - this is a freedom of navigation exercise and must be done. If the police have not gotten the word by now, then some trial lawyers need to file some civil suits at the next whiff of harassment of an open carrier.

Anonymous said...

This is just a devil's advocate kind of comment, but here goes:

Why press open carry rights? I admit I'm not looking at the big picture, only my own priorities, but I have no interest in open carrying, ever, and it seems that doing so would only fuel the antis more, and even sway some undecided to believe that gun-toters are unbalanced.

I personally am satisfied with my CCW rights in Ohio, and would prefer to fly under the radar! I would like to improve the law to be able to carry in restaurants, but other than that, status quo is fine by me...

I know, I know, it's our rights, blah, blah, blah. You have the right to wear white after labor day, too, but you'd never do it, right? (that's a joke)

Open carry in populated areas reeks of a cry for attention - attention that I submit is not in the best interest of furthering/maintaining our right to defend ourselves.

Just an alternate view... Don't flame me too badly...