07 October 2008

Denny Crane On Office Safety and Self Defense

Denny Crane, the fictional character on the ABC television drama Boston Legal, has some ideas on office safety. And on quickly bringing to an end an office crisis.

Did you know he is mostly a skeet shooter now?

And check out this clip from the latest episode of the show. Just remember the following:
"Gun, Knee, Right Foot, Left Foot!"

Clearly self defense. You never know . . . such entertainment just might get through to some folks.

BTW, one thing that drives me batty about this clip is that someone has labeled it "Vigilante Justice," which clearly it is not. The Crane character is in fear for his life. His co-worker clearly is terrified. If the television character were acting as a vigilante, he would be chasing the guy, acting as a police officer.

Anyone else find this "vigilante" label odd?


lucy said...

OMG...I am laughing out loud! I have never watched this show but may need to start. I loved it!

Brent Greer said...

Lucy, thanks for writing. You really should go to youtube.com and check out the video clip of when Denny was approached to run for public office. Its hilarious.