09 October 2008

Robber Attacks Car Occupants, Robber Dies

"A Columbus, Ohio man was killed this evening when, witnesses told police, he tried to rob a couple in a North Side parking lot.

"Witnesses told police that Thomas Goldsmith approached a couple in their car at Kenmore Square Apartments holding a gun and demanded money from the man at the steering wheel, witnesses said. Goldsmith's gun misfired and the man in the car, identified as Deandre R. Henry, began shooting his own gun.

"Henry, 24, of 3490 Derrer Field Drive on the Hilltop, called 911 from his cell phone and told them he had shot someone. Witnesses said he told police, "I shot this dude because he tried to rob me. What was I supposed to do? My girlfriend's pregnant." He emptied his gun of bullets and stayed in the parking lot until police arrived, witnesses said."

As with all shootings, citizen or police, taking place in Franklin County, Ohio, the case is going to the grand jury. Police say self defense is "definitely a possibility" in this case.

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