11 October 2008

Dave Hardy: Joyce Foundation Anti-Gun Efforts Bubbling Under Surface of Presidential Election

Dave Hardy is an incredibly gifted and respected attorney. He has written several books and is one of the pre-eminent scholars in the United States regarding the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, and the right of private citizens here to own firearms. He has argued cases before the U.S. Supreme Court.

A bulldog of a researcher, he has been digging into the Joyce Foundation's decade-long anti-gun programs. After considerable research he is convinced that numerous efforts were made -- some successful, some not -- to:

1) Manipulate the Supreme Court
2) Buy legal scholarship, and
3) Obliterate the individual right to arms.

With that said, Mr. Hardy comes to the following conclusion:

"Voters who value the Constitution should ask whether someone who was party to that plan should be nominating future Supreme Court justices."
Worse, I am sad to say that my alma mater, The Ohio State University and its (then brand new) John Glenn School of Public Affairs, was a willing participant -- or useful idiot, I'm not sure which -- in this effort.

I first met Dave at a Gun Rights Policy Conference more than a year ago. He knows his stuff, and he was one of the writers of a key amicus brief presented to the Supreme Court in the Heller/District of Columbia case.

His essay is worth reading. Then pass it on.

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