08 September 2010

Been Away For A While . . .

Well I haven't actually been away. Just preoccupied with events that, incredibly, hit closer to home than the 2A. Family member embezzled more than a half million dollars from another family member, and I have been at ground zero since March 2009 trying to sort out and clean up the mess. Guilty party pleaded out and faces prison, though he denies he did anything wrong. He even tried to hide behind legal documents saying, "yes I took the money, but I was allowed to." A three-day scheduled trial that was resolved about four-and-a-half hours after it started. Victim has only a few thousand dollars left, and her real estate holdings are for sale to raise funds. A few avenues available to recoup monies, but likely she will never be made whole. At 83, she is distraught but her resignation has turned to resolve that she will find a way to survive.

More than the money, her anguish today is mostly about betrayal.

So I am back, though posting will be limited for a while until I get ramped up again. I am also ramping back up on activities at work.

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