14 September 2010

This Is All You Need To Know

Headline: Violent Crime Continues to Decrease While Gun Ownership Skyrockets . . .

So much for the merchants of doom and gloom, who link every pro-self defense argument with the spector of blood in the football stands, or on a park bench, etc. Such intellectual dishonesty is rampant among the anti-2A cabal, but never have their arguments been proven without a reasonable doubt to resemble shrunken cancer tumors being radiated under health-causing chemicals. In this case, the arguments shrink under, well . . . the Truth!

So here is the latest headline that can be drawn from new Federal Bureau of Investigation stats regarding violent crime in the United States in 2009. It shows crime continues to drop -- even while during an economic upheaval that conventional wisdom would suggests breeds more violent crime.

Could it be because more and more law-abiding Americans own, or are even carrying, firearms?

The things that make you go hmmm . . . .

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