09 December 2010

Nutty Editorial Of The Day

From today's Columbus Dispatch, in reference to two bills before the Ohio General Assembly that would further loosen Ohio's cumbersome car-carry CCW law, and allow concealed firearms in restaurants, comes the following spoonful of pablum:

"If state Rep. Danny R. Bupb, R-West Union, gets his way, convicted drug dealers would be able to pack heat."

Hmmm . . . to the genius at the Dispatch who penned this editorial, and to the committee that rubber stamped it without so much as a though, I posit the following: CONVICTED DRUG DEALERS ARE ALREADY PACKING HEAT!!!

The ivory tower that is on South Third Street in Ohio's state capital continues to amaze . . .

Unfortunately, because of the "weenie factor" in the Ohio House of Representatives, the bills are expected to die today. The sponsor says they will be reintroduced next year during the new session of the legislative body.

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Ran said...

There's a reason we call it the "Dispatched."