24 December 2010

The Man Who Wouldn't Be Groped

Just in time for your holiday travel entertainment!!!

Great friend and hunting buddy Tom Nagel, a prominent Central Ohio attorney, has penned a hilarious song that pretty much sums up most Americans' feelings about how travelers are being treated at U.S. airports.

A fierce advocate regarding the Fourth Amendment to our Constitution, his "Charlie and the TSA" just cracks me up. The subtitle is "The Man Who Wouldn't Be Groped."

Here is a sample of the lyrics to give you a taste . . .

"See, Charlie doesn't like to get zapped with x-rays and he doesn't like to be seen nude.
And he really doesn't like to have his testicles fondled by a half-trained, half-wit dude.
And did he ever return? No he never returned, and he feels just like a dope.
He is lost forever in the bowels of the airport. He's "The Man Who Wouldn't Be Groped."

Accompanying Tom on this video, now making the rounds on YouTube, are many of his friends who regularly join together on Thursday nights for acoustic jam sessions.

Nicely done Everyone!! Wow Tom . . . I had no idea when you were sitting up in a nearby tree waiting on Bambi's mom or dad to come by that you're not reading your paperback. You're composing! Some great rhymes, too. "Tin foil in their shorts, flight aborts" had me laughing. But "slippery slope" and "wouldn't be groped" should make everyone think. At least I hope it does.

BTW, be sure to click on the arrow to pull up the lyrics and follow along!!!

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