21 December 2010

Feds Declare War On Firearms Dealers, Rifle Owners

Under the guise of "we're doing it for the children," (okay they're actually saying they are doing it because the Mexican government won't enforce its own laws), the U.S. federal government via the BATF is planning to instruct gun dealers to report the names of anyone who buys more than two centerfire rifles within five days. Specifically, any rifle over .22 caliber.
"Papers please."

Again, this is because the government of Mexico doesn't enforce its own strict anti-gun laws. So because a government that is slowly being taken over by drug cartels won't do its job, law-abiding Americans are to be penalized by having their names (and of course addresses, etc.) information turned over to federal authorities here?

How does that make ANY snes?

The initiative, supposedly will start in the border states with Mexico. And it will only take place for a short period. IN A PIG'S EYE!!! Nothing having to do with more draconian gun regulations only lasts temporarily.

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