15 January 2011

"Crossroads Of The West' Gun Show Goes On Despite Irrational White From Antis

Apparently the anti-self defense establishment in Arizona (there aren't a lot of them) and around the U.S. suggested that the Crossroads Of The West gun show scheduled for this weekend in Tucson be cancelled.

Apparently, enlightened, open-minded individuals saw the mass murder for what it was -- an act virtually impossible to predict or stop by a clearly emotionally disturbed young man.

Apparently, the show organizers told anyone and everyone who wanted the show shut down to . . . ahem, POUND SAND.

Good for them. This event was not about guns. It was about mental illness.

If you are going to ban high capacity magazines, then you will start with pretty much every police officer in the United States. If you are going to ban so-called "assault wespons," then you . . . er, oh, wait, its notNOT about competition rifles. The alleged murderer used a handgun. If you are going to try to set up special treatment for federal lawmakers to keep them safe, then you need to set up special treatment for teachers who face far more violence in our schools than a federal lawmakers will face in a career.

The show in Tucson is about freedom, safety, defense, and personal choice. If you don't want to see a gun show, don't attend it. Its like porn on your TV or on the internet. If you don't like it, don't watch it.

To the organizers of the Crossroads show, bully for you for standing up to the bullies!

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