12 January 2011

The Tale of Two Americas

One America believes in government control of most every aspect of life, the economy, etc., while a second America believes in personal freedom, personal responsibility and accountability.

A very well written essay worth reading and passing on may be found here.


Anonymous said...

Brent, used to comment all the time, but it's been awhile. Your blog became too mean for my taste after Obama won - I wanted to give him a chance.

I read the essay and, not surprisingly, I fit into neither category.

The far left and their rampant social programs, high taxes, unbalanced budget and anti-self-defense stances are offensive.

The far right and their Christian moral majority tell everyone how they should live mentality (anti-choice, anti-gay, etc.), cutting spending X% but lowering taxes X+20% and still running an absurd deficit and passing on the debt to our children are offensive.

I believe I am a conservative (as I define it, which may actually be libertarian). 1. balance the budget. 2. strong defense. 3. fair safety net for those in need. 4. stay out of my life, INCLUDING on social issues.

Olberman is often a wack job, but Fox News and Rush are even worse. Blech to politics!

I have met you at a couple gun shows, though, and I'm a big fan of yours, even though I know we disagree on some things.

I hope you are doing well.

Brent Greer said...

Thanks for the note. The blog got mean??? Wow, that actually bums me out. I know I can have a bit of a biting opinion at times, but I thought I drew the line at mean. Thanks for the heads up, and am glad you are back. I know what you mean about the far left and far right. Eventually, if you go far enough either direction you meet up somewhere else. Politics is definitely like seeing meat made -- its an ugly process. But its what we have and you've got to stay in it at some level. Know the players and strike out on your own path as best you can despite the nonsense. Glad you stop out to the gun shows. I am quite tolerant of those with whom I disagree, or who disagree with me! Debate is fun and everyone can learn from the other. Please stop me and say hello if you see me at another show some time in the future. And thanks again for stopping by TRL today!

Anonymous said...

You are right - mean was an exaggeration. The blog just became more negative trashing Obama and his perceived agenda before he even did anything. My take was, he would be no 2A proponent, but with the problems facing the country, I was not too worried that scaling back gun rights would be high on his agenda.

I was a big McCain 2000 fan, but by 2008 he was pandering to the base and had become the faux conservative I despise. I also think Palin, while a great personality and a perfect fit for a Fox commentator, was an absolute joke as a vice presidential candidate.

So, I voted for, and continue to root for, Obama. I find him extremely thoughtful, and though he plays to his "progressive" base a bit much like the R's play to the Christian right, I still think he's an improvement over Bush II and more centrist than most give him credit for.

Anyway, I won't use up my welcome all in one day. I will stop by more often, and maybe I'll see you at a gun show soon. SB239 got my attention and I did my part to try to get that through, so I was focusing on the gun issues a bit more... I found my carry pieces that I'm just in love with, so I haven't been to a gun store or show in some time. I will look you up if I do, though!