25 January 2011

Gun Control Advocates Pushing For New Restrictions Proposal In Tonight's State of the Union

Gun control advocates are pushing for new limitations in the wake of the Tucson, Ariz. shootings, and shootings where several police officers have been injured or killed.

Coverage here, here and here.

BTW, all the anti self-defense talk by the institutional Left has dramatically boosted the sale of "happy sticks" from coast to coast. Now, with that said, does anyone need such a device? That is up to each and every individual. But wanting one? If you are a law-abiding individual, and you want one, why not? Besides, its nobody's business to tell other people what they "need" or don't need.

Does Jay Leno need 100+ motorcycles? It's not up to me to decide. But he wants them ...

State of the Union, tonight.


Anonymous said...

I agree with you on this one - banning "happy sticks" will not make this a safer world. However, just as it is my right to an opinion that Jay Leno is an unfunny tool, so too do I hold the opinion that anyone that buys a 33rd Glock magazine is a tool.

You think so too, Brent, but I understand you cannot say so... :)

Brent Greer said...

Thanks for writing, but ... Um....please don't put words in my mouth that aren't there. I would not call anyone a tool for wanting to own one. Just because I have no interest, doesn't mean I think those who do are lesser beings. Its just not my thing. My limited financial resources are deployed elsewhere....
And of course you are welcome to your opinion about those who would buy would accoutrements. That's your choice. I, however, don't hold the same opinion.

Anonymous said...

Oh Brent, lighten up.

I didn't expect you to jump on board but you sound so.... politically correct.... blech!

Lesser beings? Don't put words in MY mouth! I didn't say that - I think tool human beings are still human beings. I fully recognize I'm having fun with this, hiding behind "Anonymous," but I AM just having fun. No REAL offense intended... (but I would still would be too embarrassed to have a 33rd mag, or a Glock hat, for that matter!)