23 September 2008

Australian Publication Profiles Ohio, Firearms Importance, In U.S. Presidential Race

Specifically, the paper's headline notes that Ohioans are telling the Obama campaign to "watch it" on any thinking about future gun control.

". . . With just 44 days until the election, Ohio remains the ultimate bellwether when it comes to American politics.

"Opinion polls show the race in Ohio is very close, with some putting Republican John McCain in the lead and others showing Democrat Barack Obama out in front. The economy is the number one issue with voters in Ohio, but some businesses are still doing a roaring trade, despite the financial upheaval buffeting much of the nation.

"At a gun store and indoor shooting range in the central Ohio town of Lancaster, business is brisk."

A good read. A a nice profile of Ohio Outdoors, situated about 30 minutes southeast of me in Lancaster.

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