06 September 2008

Man Shot By Deranged Neighbor Reportedly Suing CraigsList

A man who was shot by a neighbor, a neighbor who had mental health issues, is reportedly suing CraigsList for $10 million. Why? Because the alleged shooter, the victim says, purchased the gun on CraigsList.

The antis are calling the firearm used "a CraigsList Gun," as if CraigsList manufactured firearms. I am sure more details will come forth in the coming days as this story unfolds.

If CraigsList is to be sued, then once again I suggest that newspapers be sued for allowing private sales of automobiles to advertised in their pages. That is, everytime one of those cars kills someone. While they're at it, sue the auto manufacturer, too, for allowing such a dangerous product out of the factory.

Slippery slopes, people, slippery slopes!

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