07 September 2008

Obama Is Rewriting His History On 2A

UPDATED: Sunday, Sept. 7, 2008, 8:49 pm -- A little note and observation from David Hardy. Did Sen. Obama commit a major Freudian slip during his address in Pennsylvania? While the headlines are saying the democrat candidate won't take away guns, in his address he noted that even if he wanted to he doesn't have the votes in Congress. WTF????

From FactCheck.org via Alphecca.com. Sen. Obama in a recent speech to supporters and prospective voters in Pennsylvania this week, did some weasel-wording in respect to his position on firearms and the Second Amendment.

What galls me more than anything is his statement about "gun safety." Gun safety isn't about taking away people's guns, as the senator whines. True gun safety is teaching law abiding citizens and our youth the proper use of firearms. The safe use of firearms.

The antis attempt to hijack the phrase "gun safety" was intellectually dishonest from the start. He knows it. They know it.

But it played well with anti gun focus groups, and so they still trot it out from time to time. The National Rifle Association is the world leader on gun safety. THAT is something Sen. Obama and his minions don't want to admit.

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