27 September 2008

John and Barack and Guns . . .

John McCain is suspect to most firearms owners. But the argument that Obama is better, coming from some circles, is harder to defend.

"If Obama supported gun rights, many pro-gun people, even Republicans, would support him, because many pro-gun people are single-issue voters on this topic and Obama’s opponent has a spotty record on gun rights. (The NRA and pro-gun rights voters have supported pro-gun Democrats in many elections.) Also, if Obama really supported the right to arms, it’s likely that many additional Republican, libertarian and independent voters would support him because conservatives and libertarians often interpret a politician’s support for the right to arms as a reliable proxy for that politician’s support of other individual rights. This point seems especially strong now, since many Republican voters distrust Obama’s opponent on free speech, business regulation and other big-govt-vs-individual-rights issues.

"So on the one hand we have single-issue pro-gun people opposing Obama on guns, and on the other hand we have people who are primarily Obama partisans, not gun people, arguing that pro-gun people should trust Obama on guns. Who should we believe?"

A good read.

Two candidates. One very important issue.


Anonymous said...

One very important issue, on which the candidates are nearly tied (say a 2% edge to McCain?).

Obama's ahead by 50% on the rest of our rights, so I guess it's Obama, right Brent? I believe Obama would sign gun control legislation, but it's not a hot-button issue for him, he's not going to set that as an agenda item. We'll be alright...

Also, I haven't seen any good follow up by you on Palin rocking your socks, either... ;) She seems like a nice lady, but you have to be having second thougts about her as VP, yes?

Brent Greer said...

Agreed, he would sign gun control legislation, but it is questionable whether he would push it. He is SERIOUSLY so out of touch on the issue it isn't funny. He sent comment for media covering the U.S. Sportsmans Alliance event on Saturday, saying he supports the Second Amendment and will not infringe on hunting rights. He is clueless that the 2A is not about hunting.
Regarding Sarah Palin, if you read what I wrote initially, you might have also seen that I mentioned I have several issues where I disagree with her. Second thoughts? No...the deck has been stacked against her with the questions she is getting. The tone is evident. Her Couric interview could have been better. But then Obama botched the White House meeting on the economy last week. It happens. The media is treating Palin much the same as they treated Hillary. The MSM is infatuated with Obama..like lovesick puppies. Palin, despite her inexperience on the national stage, is still a strong candidate. The public recognizes her as "one of them" and not a Washington insider. That is her greatest strength. Time will tell on all this.
For many firearms owners, the 2A is treated like the NATO accords, where an attack on one member nation is considered an attack on all. Obama's record of support for every piece of gun control legislation that came before him should be of concern to every firearm owner. McCain has been wishy washy.
And if Ms. Palin is such a lightweight, then why are we so enamored with Mr. Obama? He has fewer credentials, but he makes one hell of a speech. As someone who has taught public speaking I should know. He does every thing by the book...which is what concerns me. I don't see the substance yet. Just great rhetoric on the stump.
Thanks for writing