13 September 2008

September 11 Remembrances . . .

A number of bloggers wrote special posts on September 11, some of them intended to be cathartic, or merely reminders of what happened that day. And some were on other subjects, but prompted by memories of that fateful day seven years and two days ago. I wanted to share a sampling of a few:

The Pedalogue: World Trade Center Horror
Lucys Logic: A Memory For Today
The Anchoress: 911 Remembrance and Prayers
New Jersey Moms Blog: 9/11: A Remembrance In Film
Settle It Now: In Remembrance of September 11
Ace of Spaces: 911 Again
David Warren Online: Anniversary
Da Mihi Animas: USS New York: Never Forget

September 11, 2001. Never forget!

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