19 September 2008

Ohio Supreme Court Overturns Town Ban on CCW In Parks

The Ohio Supreme Court has overturned a town's ban on legal concealed carry in city parks. A lot of cities in the Buckeye State were watching this case, filed against the city of Clyde by Ohioans for Concealed Carry. The vote was 4-3 (why is was not more lopsided is troubling to me, frankly.)

MSM in Ohio, which really don't like CCW, and in an attempt to be relevant and sell papers, even used what they consider to be "shooting sports phrases" to describe the ruling. The most notable being the Plain Dealer in Cleveland, which stated that the ruling could "blow away gun ordinances in the state."

Bottom line: This is a ruling that protects all Ohioans, for it puts law abiding citizens' rights and ability to defend themselves on par with violent criminals who are out to harm them. The city of Clyde kept forgetting that only the law abiding . . . abide by the law. Criminals in that city were still going to carry their guns in the city's parks, putting moms, dads, and kids into victim status. That Clyde was okay with that is mind-boggling.

More importantly, it gives uniformity to Ohio's firearms laws, and prevents willy-nilly bans for political purposes from being passed at the local level.

Kudos to Ohioans for Concealed Carry for pursuing this important litigation all the way to the Ohio Supreme Court.

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