22 September 2008

An Issue Dems Hoped Would Go Away Continues To Fester

In this presidential election year, most of the top tier candidates on the left are living in fantasy land -- temporarily -- and claiming they support the Second Amendment.

. . . That is as long as there are "reasonable" restrictions (reasonable being defined by one's own perspective, of course).

Anyway, democrats had hoped that the gun issue would be off the table as we hurdle headlong toward the November election.

It isn't working out that way . . .

"Gun-owner doubts about Mr. Obama is to a large extent why he is running behind or is in a dead heat in states where a Democrat should be doing well this year - like Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Nevada.

"In heavily Democratic Michigan, for example, the economy is by far the No. 1 issue, but pollsters say gun control fears are one of the reasons the race is in a dead heat in the strong union state."

The national -- some would say global -- financial crisis is fast taking center-stage as the Number One issue being discussed by the candidates. But simmering just under the surface is that citizen safety issue -- firearms. Something of great import to millions of moms, dads and families across the United States.

. . . And Sen. Obama and his surrogates are having great difficulty making a convincing argument against the basic human right of self defense.

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