08 September 2008

UK Media Fillets American Press; McCain Gets Big Bounce

Two items of note regarding the U.S. presidential election.

First . . . WOW is all I can say regarding a piece that appeared in the UK Guardian over the weekend. There, Americas reporter Nick Cohen writes that the mainstream media in the U.S. has done more to hurt Sen. Barack Obama and propel Gov. Sarah Palin forward than anything John McCain ever did, other than ask her to join his ticket.

"They might have soberly examined her reputation as an opponent of political corruption to see if she was truly the reformer she claimed to be. They might have gently mocked her idiotic creationism, while carefully avoiding all discussion of the racist conspiracy theories of Barack Obama's church.

"But instead of following a measured strategy, they went berserk. On the one hand, the media treated her as a sex object. The New York Times led the way in painting Palin as a glamour-puss in go-go boots you were more likely to find in an Anchorage lap-dancing club than the Alaska governor's office."

Like I said. Wow.

Secondly, the GOP appears to have gotten a good bounce on the heels of its national convention. Several polls show John McCain ahead of Barack Obama now that both tickets have been fleshed out. I believe that is a temporary lead. Personally, I think things will even out again and this race will go down to the wire. Presidential and vice presidential debates loom. And state-by-state politicking will be the agenda of the day.

At issue? Pennsylvania will be THE battleground state this time, just as Ohio was in 2004, and Florida before that in 2000.

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