08 September 2008

Liberal Media Not Happy That Obama, Biden Have Disappeared

Increasingly, online progressive media are furious that democrat Sens. Obama and Biden have "ceased to exist" in mainstream media coverage, and are not leveling both barrels (I love when the left uses firearms metaphors) with new attacks aimed at republicans.

The question of blame (someone always has to be to blame) is either between the MSM, which seems enamored by Sen. McCain's running mate, Gov. Palin, or Obama and Biden themselves, whose handlers have admitted are being forced to rethink how they run their campaign.

"Do these two guys still EXIST any more? Hey Barack! Yeah, this is America calling -- at least one of the people who got you through the primaries, before you metamorphosed into an anti progressive! I don't know. Did we just "imagine" you? Electronic technology is beyond awesome these days, so are both of you really holograms? Yeah, I bet that's it. We got suckered into busting our butts for holograms.

"Look, Western Civilization is on the line. Our very PLANET is being rapidly destroyed by people like Palin (the former bare boob queen). Wake up! Wake up! Look at John McCain. He's practically drooling on his shirt and he can't keep his eyes off of his VP beauty queen's derriere. Man, this guy is OBSESSED WITH SEX. You could take him and his bimbo religious fanatic down a hundred different ways. This is sleaze city to the max, so why are you off blubbering your lips?"

IN THE MEANTIME, former San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown has a scathing message for his fellow party members. His words: "The democrats are in trouble." He puts the blame (always blame) on the addition of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin to the republican presidential ticket.
"Sarah Palin has totally changed the dynamics of this campaign. Period."
Brown is a savvy politician, and nobody's fool. A very interesting statement from one of California's more popular liberal politicians who understands how the public reacts to campaign messages. Worth reading.

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