30 September 2008

Big News From Virginia

Early word is that the Virginia state attorney general has ruled that open carry is legal in public parks.

The link to the opinion is here. I was forwarded the information, via the Virginia Citizens Defense League (VCDL), by my good friend Annette Elliott of ShowMasters/C&E Gun Shows in Blacksburg, Va.

Here is the text of the VCDL email regarding the ruling:

VCDL had been aware that Senator Ken Cuccinelli put in
a request several months ago for a formal opinion from
Attorney General Bob McDonnell on whether it is legal
to open carry in Virginia State Parks. The answer came in
this morning and it is YES!

VCDL expected that to be the case, but it was important
for the Attorney General to actually rule on the issue.

CAUTION: I am determining if this opinion has officially
overridden the park regulation or if the park regulation
must be rewritten before we can carry openly. SO, I SUGGEST
I have calls into Ken Cuccinelli's office, Virginia State
Parks headquarters, and the Attorney General's Office and will
put out alerts on this as necessary.

VCDL would like to thank Senator Cuccinelli, who is running
for Virginia Attorney General next year, for putting in that
request for an Attorney General's Opinion and to Attorney
General Bob McDonnell, who is running for Governor next year,
for the well thought out opinion.
In addition, Virginia and Mississippi signed a CCW reciprocity agreement today. A busy day in the Old Dominion, and good news regarding safety in Virginia's many parks.

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