05 September 2008

Its Time To Pull Out . . .

Not an original concept, but worth the discussion.

It's time to pull out. The death toll is just too high. We need to withdraw and let the people in the streets there just duke it out themselves. Self governance, right? May the strongest win. Survival of the fittest.

One hundred twenty five deaths just this summer alone. That's twice the death toll of American military personnel in Iraq during the same time period.

So it makes sense to get out, right?

Did you know I was talking about Chicago? The city where CCW is ILLEGAL, meaning citizens have no right to carry self defense sidearms for their self protection. They are sitting ducks, courtesy of a mayor who is more concerned about his legacy and the city-state he presides over, than the people who pay taxes and fight for survival.

Obama is a Chicago dude. Think he will authorize a surge if elected president? Or is the status quo what he prefers in order to stay "on message" regarding the dangers of lawful firearm ownership, and keep in line with what his far left financial contributors believe. Sounds to me like some lawful firearms owners is what the city needs. Sadly, it is obvious Mayor Daley is letting criminals rule the roost.

Which is odd, almost funny. Since Daley thinks HE is the one in charge of the Windy City. Crime stats point out that's not the case.


Harry Schell said...

I think Obama should undertake a humanitarian mission to Chi as a full demonstration of his theory of diplomacy and community organizer skills.

His past efforts at organizing the community are now in gross disrepair and rife with violence.

Compared to what he promises to do in the world, the mess that is Chi should take a week, maybe two, for the Lightworker to sort out.. His campaign would have something real to tout, and there should be plenty of photo ops. It isn't being governor of a state for a couple of years but it would be more real than any other "accomplishments" of a man who can sit in church for 20 years and never hear a sermon.

Anonymous said...

Daley isn't "letting criminals rule the roost", he IS THE TOP CRIMINAL. This is what you get when organized crime owns a city, mobsters like Daley and Obama providing you with government by the criminals, for the criminals.