22 September 2008

McCain Suggestion For Cuomo, Gun Buyback Lover, To Lead SEC Is A Huge Mistake

John McCain, in commenting on the fiscal crisis facing the United States and global financial markets, said if he were in office he would fire the head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, Chris Cox. Further, he said he would like to replace him with Andrew Cuomo, a democrat who is the former head of the federal department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD).

BIG mistake.

Not just because Cuomo presided over an agency that allowed scam artists to bilk the federal government out of millions, but moreover, because this same agency under his tenure was giving away million of dollars of public housing monies to police departments for . . . gun buybacks.

In housing projects that were some of the most dangerous, he diverted monies to be used for ineffective -- but politically sexy -- gun buybacks. At the same time, moms, grandmothers and others who refused to sit unarmed in their HUD housing projects . . . sitting ducks against the drug dealers and other miscreants that infested HUD housing . . . were encouraged not to keep firearms in their homes.

AND THEN he organized lawsuits against lawful firearms makers using HUD projects as plaintiffs.

Let's look at this again . . . He urged grandmothers raising kids be defenseless. And those who stayed behind rather than get out, and later were victims of the violence against which they could not protect themselves, were urged to become plaintiffs in nuisance lawsuits against gun manufacturers.

Does McCain think what Cuomo did to bottleneck lawful commerce is okay? If he so mismanaged HUD, why the hell would we want him overseeing the Securities and Exchange Commission at a time when working through our financial markets is like walking on eggshells?

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Anonymous said...

McCain is a blowhard. Does he really not understand that while the president may appoint the head of the SEC, only Congress can remove him?

His posturing of who he would fire (even though it's not constitutionally possible) is just pandering to the simple crowd that just wants someone to blame.

I realize your point is to criticize Cuomo, and it is well-taken...