12 September 2008

Brady Missteps Confuse Their Message . . . AGAIN

The Brady Campaign To Prevent Gun Violence (formerly Handgun Control Inc.) is still trying to paint the bill before Congress that would eliminate all of the District of Columbia's gun laws as something the NRA is pushing down everyone's throats.

They are ignoring that the U.S. Supreme Court said the handgun ban the city had was unconstitutional, and DC officials have essentially ignored the ruling. And then the Brady Bunch has the gall to complain that cities across the U.S. would be pissed if Congress tried to wipe their laws off the books. The intellectual dishonesty of these people is appalling, for they intentionally ignore the fact that DC laws, unlike those of cities across the U.S., are overseen by Congress.

What's worse is their headline says "the people" of DC are upset. In reality, when you get to the meat of their news release, they finally admit it is not the people, the residents of the District of Columbia who object to striking DC's gun laws from the books , but DC officials . . . .

The same officials who are openly scoffing at a landmark Supreme Court ruling.

How much more arrogant can people get when residents in their community are dying because the powers that be make it virtually impossible to keep a firearm at the ready to defend their very lives?

Can anyone explain this madness to me? Make it make sense?

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