01 February 2010

Is The Violence Policy Center Trying To Reinstate The Black Codes?

During a dark time in our nation's history, bigots went around laws passed in the 1800s guaranteeing the vote to every man, and instituted rules that required "tests" as requirements to vote.

It was discrimination pure and simple.

And it appears the Violence Policy Center is pushing the same once more with outright discrimination against african americans in the United States. Specifically, the anti-gun rights group that Barack Obama repeatedly voted to fund while he was a director of the Joyce Foundation believes that black Americans are too violent to deserve the entire Constitution. Thus, it wants to reduce their access to firearms.

Columnist Bob Owens says that for an organization to make a public declaration that suggests an entire race be denied the same level of constitutional protections as others is both shocking and bewildering. I could not agree more! Owens notes that the study received financing from left-wing groups dedicated to social engineering, including the David Bohnett Foundation, the Joyce Foundation, and the Public Welfare Foundation.

"While progressive groups such as these typically have a stated goal of helping underprivileged minority communities, some of their attempts to affect what they view as positive social change can be viewed by critics as ham-handed and condescending — or, as in this instance, verging on outright racist."

Amen Brother. Read Bob's full post here.

Interesting isn't it? If a right-wing group had suggested that african americans be denied some of their constitutional rights, the national media would be all over this. Once again, the bias shows through like a million watt spotlight on the darkest of nights.

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