26 February 2010

2009 Sees Record Number of CCW Licenses Issued In Ohio

Ohio county sheriffs issued a record number of concealed handgun licenses in 2009, according to Ohio Attorney General Richard Cordray.

In 2009, 56,691 licenses were issued -- a number well above that set in 2004 when Ohio's concealed carry law first went into effect. That year, 45,497 licenses were issued.

My friend Linda Walker, region leader for Buckeye Firearms Association, in an interview with local radio stations, said it best -- when you factor in both the increase in home invasions being seen in neighborhoods in pretty much every city around Ohio, plus President's Obama's abysmal record on gun rights, you have some pretty good reasons for rational, thinking people to make the decision to obtain their CCW.

Click here to go to the news release issued by the Ohio Attorney General's office.

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