08 February 2010

NC Mayor Bans Transport of Firearms Due To . . . Bad Weather?

The mayor of King, North Carolina has sparked outrage after her "state of emergency" declaration included a ban on the transport of legally owned firearms -- whether you had a CCW or not -- in privately owned vehicles.

She is defending her actions, saying she didn't declare martial law. But she may as well have. The only place you could have a firearm, she says, was on your personal premises.

Hmmm . . . and if you had to travel to pick up someone stranded, your child perhaps, Madame Mayor? Would YOU have gone unarmed? Or would you have had a police officer with you to protect YOU?

The outrage, IMHO, is justified. A number of U.S. state, in the wake of the events in New Orleans following Hurricane Katrina, have passed legislation prohibiting the confiscation of lawfully posseessed firearms during a state of emergency. Some states have gone even further in their prohibitions against what government can do in regards to restrictions on firearms, which may be the only defense against looters or other thugs who take advantage of natural disasters to make mischief.

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