26 February 2010

Poll: Majority Says Government Is Threat To Rights; And This Is News . . . ???

In what some are calling a shocking poll, CNN says a majority of Americans say that government is a threat to citizens rights.

I would posit that government has ALWAYS been a threat to citizens' rights.

That's why the founders of the United States, in the early amendments to the U.S. Constitution (the former formally known as the Bill of Rights) specifically outlined what government COULD NOT do. For the very reason that they knew, hundreds of years ahead, that government would ultimately get too big for its britches and attempt to rule every facet of everyone's lives.

Just like what the revolutionaries fought to get away from during the American Revolution . . .

So, here is the poll from CNN.

Fifty six percent of people questioned said they think the federal government has become so large and powerful that it poses a threat to the rights of ordinary American citizens. That is a troublesome statistic. And refreshing at the same time.

Troubling because it is not just those more knowledgable who feels that way, but ordinary citizens. Refreshing, however, because those same ordinary citizens are becoming enlightened to the problems we have in this nation.

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