27 February 2010

National Parks Whining: Much Ado About Nothing

A little something happened during that past week, pretty much occurring without a hiccup. Except for the shrill whining coming from the anti self-defense fear mongers who goaded the media into coverage of an important citizen safety rule change.

Yes, I'm talking about the carrying of concealed firearms in U.S. national parks.

Of course, in its attempt to placate the anti gun crowd, got it wrong. Most national news stories noted that people with "licensed guns" can carry them in the parks. That is so very wrong. There is not much "gun licensing" that occurs in the U.S., and nowhere here in Ohio. The story they missed is that visitors to parks are safer because law abiding citizens who have licenses to carry concealed may now do so in our national parks.

Sigh . . .

Read it here. Interestingly, the usual "anti" diatribe was trotted out. Tired, but they use it anyway -- the most frequent objection being that with loaded firearms in parks there might be more violence. Guess what? There might be less violence as those who prowl the parks to prey on innocent families will think twice about doing so now!

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