03 August 2008

Anti-Gun, Anti-American Culture Review From UK Newspaper

Okay, not much really gets under my skin. Really offends me.

But this -- crap -- paints all firearms owners as backwoods rubes. Worse, it suggests that if you are not voting for Obama, the great champion of the underclass, then you must be uneducated, a believer in God, and more.

It is a book review, but the reporter is as biased in one direction, as is the book author in another direction.

Here's a sample from the Times Online review:

"Shouldn’t all these faltering rednecks, the front line of victims of Wall Street excess, be beating a path to Obama’s door? Or is there really so much racism in working-class America that they won’t vote for a Democratic would-be saviour just because he is black?"
I mean, are they serious? Not everyone is a victim of Wall Street "excess," whatever that means. A lot of people are the victims of their own greed. Racism? There are a lot of people who are not supportive of Sen. Obama because he has so little experience and has been making enough wind with recent position flip-flops to power a couple dozen power-generating wind turbines. Many of them are african-american, too. His opposition comes in all colors.

I would seriously consider voting for Condy Rice for president. Her position on the Second Amendment is FAR closer to mine than Mr. Obama's. ARGH!

Check it out for yourself.

I am not impressed with this review of "America" from our distant British cousins . . .

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Mike W. said...

If Condi ran I'd vote for her. She's intelligent, well spoken, pro-gun, and also humble.

I'd love to vote for a woman or minority if we could get one that wasn't a gun-grabbing socialist.