02 August 2008

Site Was Down -- SiteMeter Causing IE Fits

Updated: Saturday, August 2, 2008, 11:36 am -- Well, Primordial Slack has a fix for the SiteMeter/Internet Explorer 7 problem. Lucy found it and posted it, too. Not sure if I want to go that direction right now. Am thinking SiteMeter -- the organization -- will find a fix instead of asking us to jump through hoops to use their tool. Once everyone starts taking their tool off their sites.

Market forces have that kind of power, you know.

Nevertheless, GET THE WORD OUT!

If you had trouble getting into The Ready Line the past few days, you were not alone. Blogs that use SiteMeter to count visits (TRL does) was somehow interfering with visitors who use Internet Explorer 7 as their browser. And visitors to my site would get a big "site not found" message. Apparently it is affecting people all over the internet.

If you used FireFox to browse, however, you had no problem. I had read issues regarding SiteMeter early this morning, but when alerted by another blogger last night that they could not read my site or get into their own, that's when it became MY issue.

Blog buddy Lucy and I worked this morning to figure it out. So I have removed SiteMeter for the time being until the problem is resolved. IE browser users -- you should be back in now!

If you are a blogger and use SiteMeter, get it off of there until that company gets their tool fixed! Most of the known world uses IE for a browser. And the two are not -- for now -- compatible. If you can't get into your blog site to do so, install FireFox and do it. Or get a friend who has Firefox (and whom you trust with your password info) to go in and remove SiteMeter for you. For now, it's the only way people will be able to see your blog.

Technology can be so frustrating at times . . .

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