08 August 2008

FINALLY: The Return Of The Columbus Gun Show

Its been a long time coming. For many readers, you have NOOOooo idea how long it has taken to get here. The hoops, the debate, the politics, the disarray caused by a former show promoter who needs to be hung by his genitals (or worse).

But it's here. The return of the Columbus Gun Show. A Downtown show. After an absence of oh . . . what, 20+ years?

Presented by C&E/ShowMasters Gun Shows, in conjunction with Peoples Rights Organization. Two great organizations (disclaimer: I am an officer of the latter, and I really like the Elliots, the couple who own the former) making a difference for firearms owners, and most importantly, for the Second Amendment.

I hope to see you in Columbus this weekend. I will probably be working either the NRA or the PRO table. If you spot me, please take a moment to introduce yourself!

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